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Foundations of Leadership

Learn how to develop your own leadership skills

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  • 1,200 Australian dollars
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Service Description

Six interactive workshop sessions focusing on the fundamental skills you'll need to excel as a leader. If you think about it (and I want you to do that, hence this workshop!) nothing at all can get done without some form of leadership. If you're working on something alone – just you, with an outcome in mind – even that project won't succeed unless you learn how to lead yourself. If you're working on something with a team of people, each of whom has something to contribute to the work and to achieving a successful outcome, then one of you in the team needs to take the lead. If you don't, the result will probably be chaos. Everyone will go off and do their own thing, in their own time. Nothing will come together. Failure is almost certain. If you're managing a business, whether it's your own or you're working for someone else, then you're being called on to show leadership. A business is its workforce, and the workforce is made up of people, with all the strengths and weaknesses, hopes and fears, likes and dislikes, wants and needs that go with being human. Without effective leadership, the business is in serious trouble. Your chances are slim of making a profit, keeping your shareholders happy, and of still being in business this time next year. If you have been (or you aspire to be) elected to political office then your role is, first and last, all about leadership – leading the people and the communities and organisations who together make up your nation. Without effective national leadership, your country will descend into anarchy, lawlessness, chaos, even armed conflict. Take a look around the world today and you'll see plenty of examples of countries where this is happening right now. Leadership is the antidote to that kind of failure. But what is leadership and how do we go about it? That's what we're going to explore in this workshop series.

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