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Mindset Coaching Session

Transform your mindset, transform your life

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 250 Australian dollars
  • Online via Zoom

Service Description

A “mindset” is defined as a mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to, and interpretations of, the situations in which they find themselves. It’s a habitual way of thinking, and includes entrenched attitudes and fixed opinions. If we accept the argument that most people have the potential to live a fulfilled life and that the only obstacles holding us back are self-inflicted then it follows that the way to achieve it is to replace a “stuck,” negative, inflexible mindset with something more positive, creative and growth-oriented. A recent development in Life Coaching, Mindset Coaching takes the coaching process to a deeper level, examining in detail the Client’s attitudes to their life to discover the beliefs, behaviours, habits and ways of thinking that block them from achieving what they want. Often these blocks are so deeply rooted that exposing them, understanding them and replacing them with a more positive and constructive mindset cannot happen if the coaching process focuses merely on an intellectual, “head-centred” conversation. Mindset Coaching helps the Coach and the Client to gain deep insight into how the Client thinks, feels, and interacts with the world. With that insight, it becomes possible to shift perception, develop a new mindset, and make lasting, positive change in the Client’s life.

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