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Exclusive Services

I offer Coaching and Mentoring services to assist you with your personal and professional development.

If you don't see the service you're looking for on this page, please contact me and I'll get back to you to discuss your needs.

You can see a full list of services available, including online workshops and masterclasses, here.  If a workshop or masterclass you're interested in is shown as "Ended," please contact me to find out when I'll be scheduling the next one.

Let's Work Together

Discovery Session

A Discovery Session provides us with an opportunity to meet and discuss your Coaching or Mentoring needs. I'll explain my services and you can ask any questions you might have, so that you can decide whether you want to work with me as your Coach.


A Discovery Session is free of charge and there are no obligations: you don't have to sign up for a Coaching or Mentoring program with me if, after the session, you decide you don't want to.


Mindset Coaching

A "Mindset" is defined as a mental attitude or disposition that predetermines a person’s responses to, and interpretations of, the situations in which they find themselves.  It’s a habitual way of thinking, and includes entrenched attitudes and fixed opinions.

Mindset Coaching takes the coaching process to a deeper level, examining in detail the Client’s attitudes to their life to discover the beliefs, behaviours, habits and ways of thinking that block them from achieving what they want.

You can choose to book a single session with me, or you can opt for a complete Coaching package consisting of 8 sessions.


Leadership Coaching

Leadership is an activity.  It's not a passive thing.  It won't happen just because the sign on your office door says "Manager".  It won't happen if you issue orders and demand unquestioning obedience from your people.  It won't happen if you focus exclusively on the transactional aspects of your job whilst neglecting the people who are doing the nuts-and-bolts work.  A leader isn't a leader without followers.

As a leader myself, with many years of experience, I'll help you to develop your personal and professional skills so that you can become a more effective leader.

You can choose to book a single session with me, or you can opt for a complete Leadership Coaching package consisting of 6 sessions.


Leadership Mentoring

Mentoring is sharing knowledge, skills and life experience to guide another towards reaching their full potential; it’s a journey of shared discovery.

Mentoring is a positive, supportive relationship, encouraging mentees to develop to their fullest potential.

Quality mentoring relationships have powerful positive effects on people in leadership situations. Ultimately, mentoring connects a current or aspiring leader to personal and professional growth and development.

You can choose to book a single session with me, or you can opt for a complete Leadership Mentoring package consisting of 6 sessions.

Book a Discovery Session now, and let's talk about your Coaching or Mentoring needs.  I'm here to help!

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