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What Clients Have Said


A truly valuable coach and mentor, Bernard will help you see your strengths and show you how to navigate any weaknesses, so that you can grow and steadily become the best version of yourself! I highly recommend Bernard as coach, trainer/instructor and mentor. 

Debby S.


Just finished a continuous development program with Bernard Kates. Always insightful.
This one is on Leadership Development; honing your skills through self awareness and understanding the impact your leadership has on others. Good for you and good for your organisation! Time well invested. 
Thanks Bernard.

Image by Michael Dam

I got promoted into a management role without any training or guidance on how to lead my new team.  Working with Bernard helped me to learn how to be an effective leader, boosted my confidence and really helped me to achieve success.

Thank you!

Alex M.


Bernard is a wise and friendly mentor. His grounded approach is welcoming, and he is always willing to listen and share his experience and insights with you. Thanks Bernard for all your help on my journey of growth. I'd highly recommend working with Bernard. His workshops and training are all first class and will help anyone looking to step up and be the best version of themselves.


I have had the pleasure of working for over a year with Bernard in the same coaching team. Inspiring, professional, wise and caring that is what comes to my mind to describe Bernard. His ability to listen deeply to what is hidden beyond the spoken words is precious which helps to create awareness of what the real issue to focus on. 

Beyond that, I had the privilege of being mentored by Bernard during a difficult time in my life. His empathy and capacity to listen helped me hugely to stay grounded and focused. His guidance helped me to find the right choice to make to move forward and leave the place I was stuck in.

Give Bernard a call today, you won’t regret it.

Hélène H.

Mariska Smits- Owner MarisSage Remedial Therapies  Epping  Massage - Reflexology - Pregnan

I very much enjoyed the foundation of leadership workshops.

I got a much better understanding about how to use communication authentically in guiding and managing my team.

The content is valuable, functional, and straightforward. There is a good balance between teaching and practical. I was able to integrate techniques right away and have been able to approach challenges differently with a positive outcome. 

Bernard is a clear insightful educator who brings across the information with passion and humour. It is a joy to listen and learn from him and I highly recommend his foundation of leadership workshops series.

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