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A hands-on guide to life transformation


Have you ever found yourself thinking, "what am I doing?"  Have you ever thought, "there must be more to life than this?"  Do you feel stuck in a life, and in a lifestyle, that leaves you feeling empty, frustrated or that you're wasting your time?


Personal development refers to the process of setting yourself free from all that, gaining deep insight into what you want to be and to do in your life and acquiring the self-confidence to get out there and go for it.


The material I present in this book is based on my own experience both as a Life Coach and as a mentor to other Coaches.  The approach I describe here works; it’s practical, down-to-earth and proven through real life experience.  This book is a hands-on guide to personal development at the pointy end, written both for Life Coaches wishing to broaden their own experience and for anyone looking to discover what Life Coaching is all about and to make progress with their own personal development.

Living from the Heart eBook

  • PDF format, 1.8MB download

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